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DS1C - Universal RC controller 1x RC-Switches

Current 3A (5A/3s)

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RC-Switch is designed for switching of RC model accessories powered by batteries only: Car, Boat, Plane, BUS, TIR, Tractor, Tank, Dinghy, Sub, Glider.

• Simple operation.
• Switching: horn, beacon, ramp, power LED, LED strips, bulbs, motor, relay, smoke, reel.
• 1x RC-Switch.
• Current up to 3A (5A/3s).
• Indication switching S1 by green LED L1.
Power select: battery (4V - 18V) or receiver (4V - 8V).
• 1 channels control (Stick, Wheel, Switch - by position).

Package contents: DS1C (SW 1.1), User Guide, K1 connector socket, K2 connector plug, jumper J1, Heat Shrink tube, 2x wire cable.

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Manuals for download


    Guide DS1C


Type DS1C
Cont. Current 3A, (5A /3 sec.)
Accumulator 4-12 NiCd, NiMH, 2-4 Li-Pol / Li-ion / Li-Fe (A123), Pb 6V /12V
Protections Current. Protected by special coating (against humidity, vibration and dust).
Programmable Parameters ON / OFF
Case Dimensions 25 x 14 x 4 mm

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