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DDE70A - 70A ESCs DC for brushed motors

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The Universal ESCs are designed for smooth speed control (Reversible / Unidirectional) of electric motors in RC models powered only from batteries: Car, Boat, Plane, BUS, TIR, Tractor, Tank, Dinghy, Sub, Glider. Suitable also for motors with gearbox.

• Easy operation and setup.
• Two user settings (M1, M2 memories). Memory is selected by adding the jumper or Switch.
• BEC 3A / 4,5A with short-circuit and overload protection
• BUS control for TIR, Expedition, Bus, Car and Boat (constant power)
• Extremely smooth motor speed control and acceleration
• Gradual power reduction in Neutral
• 2 LEDs status indication (Forward / Backward and Neutral)
• Programming with stick or programmer (Card) DPG4
DC electronic speed controller and motor (SUPPORT, Tips and Tricks): DC_ESC_MOTOR_en.pdf

Package contents: DDE70A (SW 7.1), User Guide, Jumper K1, Heat Shrink tube.

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Manuals for download


    Guide DDE70A


Type DDE70A
Cont. Current 70A (85A / 3sec.) MOSFET
Accumulator 5-10 NiCd / NiMH, 2-3 Li-Pol / Li-ion / Li-Fe (A123), Pb 6V / 12V
BEC 3A / 4,5A (with short-circuit and overload protection)
Protections start, temperature, current, under-voltage, over-voltage, signal loss,
protected by special coating (against humidity, vibration and dust).
Programmable Parameters 2 user settings (M1, M2 memories), Mode, Control, Battery type, Cut off voltage, Acceleration, Deceleration, Power Fwd, Power Bwd, Brake N, Idle.
Case Dimensions 47 x 33 x 11 mm

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