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MDD6 - Universal DC Motor Electronic Speed Controller 6A
Reversible / Unidirectional

ESCs for brushed motors


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The ESCs are designed for smooth speed control of electric motors in RC models powered only from batteries: Car, Boat, Plane, BUS, TIR, Tractor, Tank, Dinghy, Sub, Glider. Suitable also for motors with gearbox.

• 8 preset modes: 3x Car - Sport / Tréning / Race. 1x BUS. 2x Boat - Sport / Tréning. 1x Dinghy. 1x Plane.
• 2 user settings (M1, M2 memories). Memory is selected by adding the jumper or Switch(mechanical, or magnetic).
• Polarity Inversion Protection and other safety protections
• BEC 1A / 1,5A with short-circuit and overload protection
• BUS control for TIR, Expedition, Bus, Car and Boat (constant power)
• Extremely smooth motor speed control and acceleration
• Gradual power reduction in Neutral
• 2 LEDs status indication (Forward / Backward and Neutral)
• Built in auxiliary motor noise suppression (Capacitors and Transil)
• Fast, easy and intuitive parameters setup
• Programming with stick or programmer (Card) MDP4
• Multifunction brake with anti-skid settings A.B.S.

DC electronic speed controller and motor (SUPPORT, Tips and Tricks): DC_ESC_MOTOR_en.pdf

Package contents: MDD6 (SW 6.2), User Guide, Jumper K1, Heat Shrink tube.

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Manuals for download


    Guide MDD6


Type MDD6
Cont. Current 6A (8A / 3sec.) MOSFET
Accumulator 3-6 NiCd / NiMH, 1S-2S Li-Pol / Li-ion / Li-Fe (A123), Pb 6V
BEC 1A / 1,5A (with short-circuit and overload protection)
Protections start, temperature, power, current, under-voltage, over-voltage, signal loss,
protected by special coating (against humidity, vibration and dust. Type W resistant to splashing water, snow, humidity and dust.
Programmable Parameters 8 preset modes, 2 user settings (M1, M2 memories), Preset RC model, Control, Battery type, Cut off voltage, Power Cut off, Acceleration, Deceleration, Power Fwd, Power Bwd, Brake N, Rise time Brake N, Brake A.B.S., Stick course, Neutral Dead Band, Idle.
Case Dimensions 24 x 20 x 8 mm

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